Pipstycoon Review | New game similar as Marketglory + 0.2$ Daily


You can buy shares of companies which pays every time owner withdraw money

work in companies each day and get salary

Min Payout is 5€

Payment via: Web Wallets ( Payza, Neteller, EgoPay, OkPay ... ) , Local Bank Transfer ( HUF, RON, MYR, GBP, RON ... ) , EU Transfer (EURO) , International Transfer ( International WIRE Transfer ) , Western Union

0.2$ Daily ( Guaranteed )


What is Pipstycoon?

PipsTycoon is a real money economic and financial simulator buld around the ideea of social trading.You can transform your virtual dollars into real ones anytime you want. You can start a virtual company like a forex broker, get into politics or trade thousands of real world assets like currencies, commodities, cryptocoins or shares. You can also request a physical delivery of gold. It is new site, so there can be bugs, but they are fixing it. With working you can make around $0.1 to $0.15 on start if you do not invest your money, just one click per day. Later you will earn more.


What is this amazing game about?

PipsTycoon is actually a real cash trade and industry plus financial simulation program build close to the thought of social buying and selling. Hard cash simulation this means you’ll be able to transform your internet dollars into authentic ones if you require. You can start an on-line company just like a fx broker, get involved in politics or buy and sell 1000s of reality belongings like foreign currencies, indices, raw materials or investment funds.


How to start earn some money?

It is several day I play PipsTycoon. And I can say it is exciting economic and strategic game. First of all, what we can do in this game to gain some profit.

1) We are able to labor daily for other players businesses and obtain income.

Wages started at $1 per day, now are rising to $1.30 because companies wants to hire you. So this is competition. This full wage you will get if your productivity is on 100%. On start you have 10%.

You can increase your productivity in three ways as in real word:
  • Increase energy
  • Increase work experience
  • Increase your loyalty

How to increase energy?

You can buy or rent products with low, medium or high quality. Or you can rent company which produces some of these products and sell them on open market to other players. Imagine to be owner of companies which are selling jewelry, cars or houses.

Each product has different price and expiracy

How to increase work experience?

If you work in same sector/kind of company your working experience is raising 2% per day. And each day is decreasing in sector where you do not work. So the best way to earn more money is work each day in same sector. For example in company producing oil.

How to increase loyalty?

You get it automatically when you play PipsTycoon. It is 0.5 points per month.


Web Wallets - Payza, Neteller, EgoPay, OkPay ... min 5€  
Local Bank Transfer - HUF, RON, MYR, GBP, RON ... min 10€  
EU Transfer (EURO) - European countries only min 10€  
International Transfer - International WIRE Transfer min 50€ (10€ fee)  
Western Union - The fastest way to be paid min 20€ (1% - 10% fee)


How to start your first company?

First of all, here are many types of company we can choose to run. I started with basic utilities. You can this type of company for 1$ per month. But of course this not only one expense.

Then you must buy working tools to produce oil, gas or electricity. It costs now $5 on market. With tools you can produce max 1000 pieces of product. Then you must buy new tools.

Another stuff what you need is factory, on market you can buy it for $5 now. Factory with time degrades and you must renovate it or buy new. You can use one for about 33 days.

To produce for example one square meter of natural gas you need resources = raw materials. The result is finite material which you can sell on open market to players or sell to your another company which will use it to produce another product.

The last thing what is needed to do is put workplace to work market and other players can work in your company for salary you will set.

Then here is sweet reward. It means sell your product on market and make profit.

And there is another opportunity, you can offer shares of your company. Who will buy some so if company pay dividends shareholders get their share. For example if owner withdraw from his company money, company pay dividends to shareholders.

How to mine real silver, gold and platinum in game?

Can you mine real precious silver, gold and platinum in game? Yes, it is crazy, but you simply can. You can sell your virtual mined precious metals on open game market or you can request physical delivery to your home. The game cover shipping and handling taxes. So if you mine in game 1 gram of platinum or gold or 20 grams of silver you can request delivery of 1 gram 24 kt gold nugget. Or 20 grams of 999 silver nugget.

Price of mining depends on how many players are mining in time. So here is example of average prices from today. As you can see mining gold and platinum is very cheap. You can mine gold for $10 costs per gram and you can sell for $40.

Average today mining prices

Here you can see example what raw materials you need to mine gold. These materials you can buy on open market or you can open own company which produce these materials:

Do you want to rent some mining company? What amount do you need to invest?

So for rent mining company you will pay from $5 to $15 per month:

It is not all of course. You must buy tools for $5 then factory for $5 and if you want more workplaces, it means you can produce faster then it costs $3 per new workplace. And you must buy input materials and you must pay salary to employees (other players).

So goldmine first investment will be:

  • Renting for 3 months … $30
  • Tools for mine max 10 gr of gold … 5$
  • Factory (You will get one free workplace with factory)… 5$
  • Each addition workplace (optional) … $3
  • Input materials (depends on market prices)
  • Salary for one workplace is from $0.1 to $0.3 in current market conditions

In basic case you will  need $50 for start.

Is it profitable?

Yes it is. Check details below:

So if you pay for 3 months gold mine about 50 dollars. And with 5 workplaces it is $62. You can mine with 5 workplaces 1 gram of gold in 7 days in average in current market conditions. This 1 gram will cost to produce $10, you can sell it for world price $40. It is profit $30 per week. So in 15 days you earn for all costs and other 2 and half months all is going to your pocket. 10 weeks can be 10*$30 profit = $300 to your hands. Imagine you can rent more workplaces …


Thanks to: pipstycoonguru and other friends


  1. This game is asking you to invest a lot of money in order to play. You will know that after playing for 2 weeks.

    When you works, it says "You need 5 Energy to work"
    After you buy 5 Energy and try to work, it says "You need 7 Energy to work"!
    Finally when you buy 2 more Energy up to 7, it says"You need 16 Energy to work!"

    Therefore this game is a scam.

  2. Pipstycoon forum is not allow to post any question in order not to let new comers know the "secret".

    Pipstycoon is too eager or too quick to ask for money to play the game. They should let players playing for a few months, and then asking for money. Their previous game GoldenTowns is more successful to lure many players investing a lot of money to play.

    Pipstycoon is 1000000000000% a failure! Too soon to ask for money.

  3. Eu fiz 150 reais sem investir em nada com este jogo . Então se ele falir, por min tudo bem já tou com o dinheiro em mãos hehehe

  4. Pistycoon is a huge scam , do not invest any money there because you wont get anything back, and the game is made only to lose money if you invest Killam aka Mircea Milica on FB is the only responsible for this scam, you can find him here; https://www.facebook.com/mirceamr?fref=ufi&pnref=story

  5. Is this program pays?
    I just joined the big marketplace

  6. Hi,
    Check out for latest updates on Pips Tycoon.
    Since last year, the game changed owner and implemented fighting system, along with mass bug fixing.
    Read more below, as of today, above information are extremely outdated.

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