Propellerads Review | Banners, Popunders, Mobile


No minimum traffic requirements

Highest eCPM among networks for our OnClick Ads (popunder)

Instant approval, easy setup and integration process

Wide range of other ad formats: banners, popunder, in-banner video, mobile dialog ads e.t.c

Payment method: Paypal , Bank Transfer, Webmoney

Min payout is 100$


What is Propellerads?

PropellerAds is a leading online advertising and ad serving network which basically works with CPM [cost per thousands impressions] method providing varieties of ad formats: Onclick, Banner ads, Directy links, Video ads, In-App ads are optimized for both websites, mobile applications and mobile web.

Features have made Propellerads more powerful in popularity is giving higher CPM rate up to $10 to increase publishers earnings skyrocket with up-to 300% than any other ad network.

There are much more dos and don'ts regarding Propellerads to monetize your site for making money and providing higher user experience across your site.

Onclick pop-under ads:

The on click pop-under ads are perfect for monetizing your blog or site to count revenue for every single impression. The ad unit provides full page graph ad or landing page that appears hidden the main browser window, remaining unnoticed until the main browser window is closer or minimized.

It's more effective ad format which pays up to $10 CPM rate so that you can increase revenue up to 300% and grow earning in skyrocket. 

There are other features in Onclick ads are highly conversion rate, easy campaign managing, 1000 imps, = 1000 visitors, basically CPM, CPA and CPL campaign are managed, easy conversion tracking, user friendly, placing on any action, link, easy integration and settings and more.

Mobile web ads:

Today mobile optimization is the best marketing strategy since the mobile users are growing faster than desktop users and mobile users remain 5X time busy and active on internet with their devices.

Focusing on larger amount of mobile traffic the Propellerads offer Mobile web ads which is an additional and more effective monetization program on top of the existing banner ads will control greater earnings from your mobile traffic.

There are two special ad units (1) Dialog Ads and (2) Mobile Interstitials do significantly improve engagement of your mobile users over classic banners.

It's recommended that you redesign your site for mobile responsiveness [if not yet] so that mobile ad units will work perfect on your website though Propellerads don't need a mobile optimized website to run mobile web ads.

Classic banners:

Very common ad layout is classic banner which supports varieties of ad units with different sizes performing well on niches and websites. 

The classic banner is still more popular from the advertising medium and Propellerads as a leading ad publishing company provides the most essential banner ads as follows:

The creative ads with standard IAB sizes: 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440, 320×50 (optimized for mobile devices).

The banners are specially formatted with sliders, allowing to move ads along the page as the user scrolls. The benefit using this ad layer is that it can increase target audience engagement dramatically and give publishers an extra inventory without affecting on existing ad spaces.

Direct links:

An established advertising tweak is enabling direct links on pages where you have more or less engagement basically you can monetize your 404 pages to gain benefits from users who leave pages more frequently.

The value of Direct link is their flexibility, since you have Properllerads code, it can be used to link from your own banners, buttons or text links.

It's recommended that you should user direct links as an auto-optimized landing page (destination URL) to make extra money. By using your own creative methods or redirects, you make yourself available for websites of brands and advertisers that are willing to pay premium prices.

Video ads:

It's not any new adverting medium but very common to web advertisers who specially apply video marketing tactics to attract highly gravity audience online to drive 10x more CTA than typical banner advertising.

The Propellerads come with highly inbuilt Video ads, exclusive and direct premium advertising campaigns for websites with hosted video and gaming content.

You can monetize your traffic with engaging and relevant ads in Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-Roll and Pre-Game spots.

The high-quality video ad campaigns allow you to create a new revenue stream from your existing content.

Earn higher eCPMs

In one of my previous posts I have given you some ideas of Ad RPM, CPM and eCPM methods mainly focused on how they work to count revenue, how effectively you can improve these ad formats on your blog or site and increase earning quickly.

Your success behind earning huge with Propellerads can be eCPM forum which provides higher revenue than other ad formats.

The robust optimization technology and auto-learning algorithms match relevant advertisers to every website to deliver the highest paying ads on your pages.

They have highly experienced ad optimization teams constantly monitor your revenue level and ensure the highest eCPM being displayed and you're get paid for every impression for sure.

With rising demand of featuring premium high quality products and services from advertisers, the Propellerads are able to serve ads whenever and wherever your users are engaging with your website or app.

The key to publisher success

Publishers can discover the secrets to be successful quickly with proper utilizing the advantages of working with Propellerads.

Below are the six figures every user should follow to achieve higher user experience with Properllerads publisher network.


You must not display ads on pages including harmful materials: Porn, adult content, copyright materials, infringed or malware affected content, deceptive content etc.

Your content pages must be 100% original and safe to help Properllerads to provide you highly paying and useful ads.

Make your website design, content and navigation SEO and user friendly for long term success with online ad publishing to generate money.


The Propellerads provide you in-house ads which serve solutions and optimization technologies for the best results.


Always get instant personal support from the Properllerads team so you don't have to fall on trouble regarding advertising and other queries.


You will be provided highly evolved analytics tool to monitor your ad performances and track earning zoom from only one dashboard for all the channels you run.

Referral Program

Refer your blogger friends to Propellerads network to earn extra commission from his/her earning. You can also promote their products on your site and allure your visitors to sign up for Propellerads thus make extra money online.

In-time Payouts

Always get paid in time with multiple payout options with a hold policy from net 15.


By this review I have tried to focus the core features of Propellerads for publishers and how effectively you can monetize your site no matter whether it's low or high traffic site.

As Propellerads provide multiple ad layers so be intelligent to pick up the right ad content to monetize your site accordingly to grab higher revenue with providing good user experience.

Check the payment proof here:

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