The Best Autosurf | Autopilot that pays in €- eBesucher + 0.2€ daily

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

10 years online and paying

Min payout is 2€

Paypal or international bank transfer Accepted

Earn money from surfing websites

0.2€ daily for doing nothing


I would like to show you a very exciting autosurf program, called eBesucher. Originally it is a german website but now it's one of the biggest visitor exchange site.

1) Descripton:

eBesucher allows you to increase the hits on your website within no-time! Our service is free of charge and can be used by private persons as well as companies.
By using our Visitor Exchange, your website will get up to 400 visits per hour! Our Mail Exchange allows you to send spam-free mail advertisements to thousands of interested recipients!

2) How that works:

a) Just open the eBesucher website by clicking here

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

b) Sign up for free

c) Goto "Traffic exchange" -> "Software" and download+install+configure the eBesucher restarter

d) The eBesucher restarter is a software that monitors your autosurf-browser and restarts it in case it crashed.

Hot Tip: Install a virtual machine (e.g. WinXP) onto your PC and let the surfbar with the restarter run there. This is much safer and you don't get disturbed by websites with sound or popups.

3) How much do I earn?

The surfbar shows up to 2 pages at once for 15 sec and you earn .8 points (called BTP, means "Besuchertauschpunkte", in englisch something like visitor exchange points) for each page!
So you get in total 1.6 points per 15 sec.

4) What to do with the points?

Now here comes the exciting part:

a) Payout the points into real cash ($/€)
Allowed payout methods: Paypal or international bank transfer
Current rate: 100,000 points = 2.02 €
Minimum payout limit: 2€

b) Use the points for your own website
We all now the PTP sites out there. Just set up such a PTP site on a blog or some other page and get money from your visitors!Allowed website features: 1 popup, erotic, sound, Flash1 point = 1 visitor

5) So, how much do I earn a day?

By leaving your computer on for autosurfing, you will earn about 430 per hour.
For a entire day you will then earn about 430*24h = 10,320 points
This means with the current payment rate: (10,320 / 100,000) * 2.02€

Earnings per day: 0.2085 € - for doing nothing!
Visitors per day: 10,320 - for doing nothing!

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

Thanks to: Brennan83 and other friends


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