Grandbux Review | Complete guide + Payment proof + Method

Earn up to $0.02 per your own click

Earn up to $0.02 per your referral click

Min Payout is 5$

Payment options: Pyapal 


What is Grandbux?

GrandBux is more than a year old Paid to click(PTC) site. We will do Grandbux Review to
know whether GrandBux scam or legit?
We will review all the minute details of GrandBux from Domain registration to
Whether GrandBux is paying to it’s members or not?
Whether GrandBux is a legitimate paying PTC site ot is just another PTC Scam?

Domain Name:
A Godaddy certified domain, that was created in 13-01-2014 while it will expire in 13-01-2019.
Generally scam ptc sites will not waste money in buying domains for more than a year.
This suggest that this PTC is serious & are here to stay long in PTC business.

Ranks: GrandBux is ranked 1st eMoneyspace, and 7933 in Alexa.

GrandBux is USA registered company.

GrandBux is safe  as per but is it paying?
Let’s see whether grandbux is paying to it’s members or not?
After all you are here to make money online without wasting time in scam ptc.
Grandbux displays top 5 earners who withdraw money in last 24 hours.

It means GrandBux is paying on daily basis.

You will see lot of payment proofs in GrandBux Forum.

Please check my latest payment proof:

GrandBux is paying instantly & there is no waiting period.
GrandBux laods really fast & very few times site has loading issues.
That means GrandBux has invested to tackle technical issues & are ready for higher traffic.
Whenever site is down for considerable amount time message will appear saying
“Site is under maintenance & will be back soon.”
Scam sites has loading issues but they are not bothered of displaying such message

GrandBux has a forum with active admin which is a sign of a Legit site.
You will rarely find complaints regarding payment issues.

Now Lets check the Method:


Today I am going to reveal GrandBux strategy which will help you to succeed with GrandBux.

In this GrandBux strategy I will give you detail statistics which will be

1. Earning form your own click

2. Earning from your referral click

3. Amount required for Autopay

4. You Total & net profit.

This strategy will help you make 16$ per day profit.

GrandBux Membership Details:

GrandBux has 5 memberships as standard, silver, golden, Ultimate+ , Superior+.

I am going to reveal you strategy for Ultimate+ membership.

GrandBux Rented Referral Pricing:

Rented referral pricing starts from as low as $0.15.

Price increase gradually from $0.15 to $0.28.

Autopay pricing starts from $0.001 to $0.004.

Autopay gives you discount from 57% to 80%  which is huge discount.

Referrals                                    Price                                              Autopay

0-100                                                  0.15                                                  0.0010

101-200                                               0.17                                                  0.0015

201-300                                               0.19                                                  0.0020

301-600                                               0.21                                                  0.0025

601-900                                               0.23                                                  0.0030

901-1200                                             0.25                                                  0.0035

Over 1201                                             0.28                                                 0.0040

GrandBux Rented Referral Average:

You can earn from rented referral as follows

Fixed Ads – 0.001 /click

Standard Ads – 0.01/click

Express Ads – 0.001/click

But, in GrandBux very few RR clicks standard ads worth $0.01.

Some of the upgraded referrals clicks standard ads.

So I will reveal strategy considering $0.012 earning from each rented referral which will help you make profit of $16 per day.

See below snap of my Rented Referral average.

GrandBux Strategy For Ultimate+ Membership:

Now we have gone through all the details like GrandBux memberships, rented referral pricing, auto-pay pricing & rented referral average.

We will be using below statistics for our strategy.

Daily Earning form own click= 0.01 * 12 =  $0.12

Daily Earning from one Rented Referral= 0.001 * 12 = $0.012

Initial investment = 249 for upgrade & 34$ for renting 100 rented referrals + 7 for auto-pay = $290.

We will go in details on how to invest & buy rented referrals to make profit from GrandBux.

With this  Strategy you will make $176 profit in just 60 days.

And you will start making profit of $16 per day.

Your monthly earnings in GrandBux = 16 * 30 =  $480


Thanks to: Vijaypatade and other friends


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