Twickerz Review | Complete guide + Payment proof and Method

Earn up to $0.04 per your own click

Earn up to $0.02 per your referral click

Min Payout is 1.5$

Regsitered Company

4 years online - Paying since 2011

Same Admin as Yougetprofit

Payment options: Pyapal , Payza , Perfectmoney and Solidtrustpay


What is Twickerz?

Twickerz is classy PTC site, and it is similar to other programs such as Neobux, but with a different payout structure. As with all money making opportunities, nothing can really be guaranteed, since you will earn depending on what effort you put into it. Twickerz offers a way to earn real money each day, and can even become a supplement to your income with as little as 30 minutes per day. 

Twickerz has many many ads to click each day, and also other ways to earn. This is one thing I like about Twickerz, there is a LOT of variety and it is FUN :)

Twickerz Strategies:

Step 1 (signing up): The first thing we need to do is to create an account with twickerz . Will sign you up as my referral this will help me keep track of your progress and i Will be able to answer and queries you have more easily. after sign Up invest 10 $ from payza only one time. After investing 10$ will give you will earn daily avg .10 cent which will help you increse the money quickly. on the other hand you will get 1 point for every click you made by which after 1 year you can upgrade to the 2nd level by giving twickez 20000 points.also play the twickgrid where you will get points also .10$ to 5$.

Step 2 (Buying Referrals): Now this is the part where your going to start making money!
Okay so you have now earned enough money to purchase your first three referrals. so go ahead and buy your first three referrals by clicking "account summary" then "referrals". Now choose the amount you would like to purchase but remember to have some money left over to maintain them.
Okay so you have your first few referrals, this is the exciting part. You will get money for every click your referral makes so start by maintaining these referrals and then purchase new ones every week until you have a large number of them.
So for example: 

Week 1 you buy 5 referrals.
Week 2 you buy 10 referrals
Week 3 you buy 25 referrals
Week 4 you buy 50 referrals

Now all these referrals are clicking and making money for you! so within 4 weeks you have 80 referrals, just imagine how many more you will have in another 4 week! It is now when your money will start to grow

Step 3 (Maintaining Referrals): Now this is a must but lucky for us its easy to do. Now i suggest that you always get rid of the "dead links". This is basically exchanging referrals that no longer click anymore for new ones. This is known as recycling and is the best way to make sure your getting the most profit from your referrals.
A second good method is to enable "Autopay". This is an option that when enabled will make your referrals pay for them self. Referrals cost $0.30 to rent for another month so enabling Autopay will mean that they will pay for them self each day by saving a percentage of the money they earn for you. I do recommend that you turn this on because it saves you from having a big expenditure at the end of every referral month.

After you have 250 rent referral you can earn $30 per month only from this site without Upgrading account. If you upgrade your account you can earn 500 - 1000$ per month easily.

Check my latest payment proof from Twickerz here:

Check my latest payment proof from Yougetprofit here:


and I have Earned 30$ from yougetprofit until now

Thanks to: Hartlet12 and other friends


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