Cashnhits Review | Complete guide and Payment proof

Earn up to $0.01 per your own click

Earn up to $0.01 per your referral click

Multiple ways of making money

Min Payout is 0.6$

Paying since 2009

Payment options: Pyapal , Payza 


What is Cashnhits?

This is a great PTC/GPT site that offers Many ways to earn. They have active support, one of the highest paying offerwalls, and they also allow you to create your own little blog easily and quickly.

They have been around since 2009 with a perfect record. The site is always being worked on by the owner and there are frequent updates for things concerning the site.

How can I earn money?

On this site there are plenty of ways to earn money, and they are:

1. Paid To Click – Pays you for clicking and viewing the advertisements. On average there are around 30 Advertisement per day, and the earning from them vary, depending on how much the advertiser is willing to pay for your click.

2. Autosurf – At the moment there are 800 that I can autosurf. This is basically free money in the sense that you can click it and let it ride on autopilot. However, the earnings from this are pretty miniscule, but it is free money that you can earn for doing absolutely nothing.

3. Video Ads – Here you can earn by watching videos.

4. Cash-iN-Grid – I always say, these grids are a gamble, because you may end up wasting time clicking on these and never earnings anything. Personally, I avoid the grids on all PTC/GPT sites, but if you want you can use it, it can be free and easy money.

5. Comment Ads – This is pretty new, but you basically comment on Youtube videos and make a little something per comment. But as I said, it’s a pretty new function on the site, and there are not that many videos to comment on at the moment. I’m expecting there to be more work here in the future as it gets spread around that they have this option.

6. Surveys – Okay, not much to say here. You earn by completing surveys. This is also a recent addition to the site. As I said, the owners are constantly working on trying to make it better.

7. Offerwalls – Here you have a couple of different walls, each of their own ways to earn. Here are the ones available here now:

  • Super Rewards
  • Personaly
  • Minute Staff
  • PTC Wall
  • Radio Loyalty
  • OfferToro

8. Complete Offers – These offers are native CashnHits offers. With this option you can earn a lot faster, because as I said at the beginning of the post, they have some of the higher paying offers out there when compared to other such offers on other sites. Always look at who is offering a task first, to make sure that they have had some tasks done for them before and are not a scammer. Avoid taking up offers from people with no reputation on CashnHits. The type of offers are such as registering at a site and make a certain number of clicks on advertisements per day for a couple of days, and many other types of little tasks. To be able to finish almost any task usually you must register exclusively through a link that is displayed in the task. When you have finished the registration, you need evidence to send which you will find in an email you receive when you register on the site and write you Username used in this site. This might seem a little complicated, but trust me, it’s not. And if you run into any issues, you can always e-mail their active support and get help, they are very polite. Usually the deadline for completion of any task is around 14 days after that, and then if the task is successfully completed the advertiser will approve you, or otherwise refuse.

Personally, I’ve had a perfect record on CashnHits‘ offers, so believe me when I say, it’s easy.

9. FB Like Ads – Here you can earn by liking Facebook Pages. It’s pretty simple and easy, but there aren’t many of these offers nowadays.

10. Click Exchange – This option can help you advertise your website or referral link, but in itself it has no profit. Basically, you watch other people’s ads and in return they watch yours. It’s traffic exchange pure and simple. Also, sometimes there are bonus sites where you should click on one of the listed numbers and you can win cash or credits for advertising – PTC, banner, add text, etc.

11. Promote – This is a good option for those who surf the traffic exchange sites or have their very well visited site. Specifically, CashnHits pays you around $ 0.0003 for each unique view of your referral link. You just have to find people who will click on your referral link to earn a little something, and then if they actually register and earn something you’ll receive your referral commission and earn even more.

I talked about the CashnHits blog you can create. Basically, after creating your account at CashnHits you can create a blog.

If you want one, register on CashnHits and create one. I will write up a tutorial one of these days explaining how to create a CashnHits blog step-by-step.

Check my latest payment proof:

That’s all guys And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave us a comment.


Thanks to: Hitenp1 and other friends


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