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The earnings at Mytrafficvalue are generated every second!

Let us start by saying how we are different:

  • We have our own portofolio of products and websites that are growing everyday
  • This is not a HYIP or over night millionaire programs, we share real profit with our investors & advertisers
  • Help funding different project that can change the world and also generate you stable profits
  • We are offering multiple processors so everyone can pay and get paid

Referrer friends or advertise our website and get 10% commissions

To just make you an impression about how much you can earn on mytrafficvalue we will get a few test values as shown above:
If you have 10 referrals that are purchasing at least 10 shares packs each you will instantly receive $100.00 just but doing nothing, how great is that!

Daily passive income

Usually in order to earn and make profit daily you need to see one 5 of our other members websites, you can also apply for vacation mode that is starting from $10 / month and you will not be forced to click any ads as the service say you can go in vacation and still generate money.

investment plans preview:

Earn 186% – 250% everytime, anytime

For every share pack you buy you will get credited with 186% – 250% in temporary balance that will be transferred in main balance when you receive revenue share, that way you can see how much you have left to receive. No complicated graphs, no unecessary stats just simple values so everyone can understand.

When purchasing an ad pack you also receive ad credits that you can use for your website, you are not forced to add a website but if you have any we advise you to add it because a lot of people might be interesed of it.

Get paid and pay instantly

Every payment will be processed instantly with any of the following processors: SolidTrustPay , EgoPay ,PerfectMoney, Payeer .

The project is a part of the mytrafficvalue.COM Ltd.

Thanks to: Persian , Rapidleech and other friends


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