Gokano Review | Get free prizes with Gokano + Proof

Gokano - the new Lockerz is here!

The rules are the same, you get prizes for points

Different Prizes Now Available  ( Such as PS4 , .... )


I've seen so many tutorials from indians it seens one with actual content needs to be created. Gokano has been here a while now, a few month, but is just now blowing up. It has a layout kind of like Lockerz.

Their currency is GN. As a new member, you can get two daily. One by logging in daily, and another by doing a "mission" which is a poll. They start a new poll/daily login at a weird time, smomewhere around 8:00PM EST

You can also earn 1GN by refering someone. Many people are using tor, however the site is aware of this and will not pay out. When a site is small like this and you want to rape it, at least wait for it to get bigger so you probably wont get caught.

You can also get double points if you get 20 refs. You become a "gold member" and get 4 daily points/2 points for refering.

As for the prized, they have many, but they've never in stock


Yes, they offer a PS4 and an Iphone. But are they in stock? NO! Anyone who talks about PS4s or any of that are just trying to ref farm, I guarentee you'll never win one. The only two things in stock at this moment are a cheapo mouse and a power bank. They just restocked 4 days ago.

The way to know if something is in stock is if it has a green bar under it.

As for ref farming, you should get all of them legitimately. Faking signups will just get you banned as I guarantee you they look through each one. $20 says tor will get you banned no doubt.

You earn points:

  • By daily login ( 1 point )

Go to Collect daily points

  • By doing missions(answering questions)

Go to Complete the missions and answering the questions with yes or no ( 1 point per question )

  • By inviting friends

Go to invite friend and get your ref link

Some Proofs: ( Not mine )

Thanks to: Semeh and other friends


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