Seoclerks Review | The Best Microjob Affiliate Program + Strategy guide


Think Fiverr, but with an affiliate program...

Buy Cheap Services Starting from 1$!

Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, SEO Services and Much More!


What is Seoclerks?

SEOclerks is a microjob site with over 100000 sellers of everything from web design, article writing, submissions, advertising, video testimonials, backlinks, traffic, scripts, SEO, SMM panels, and social media services for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instgram, etc., which gives you a HUGE range of services to promote as an affiliate!

Earn 5% off EVERY sale AND your own signups becomes yours FOREVER! No lost commissions from timed affiliate cookies!

Also, since all the services are reasonably low priced, it's MUCH easier to make many small sales than to struggle getting one big sale.

Just from many smaller sales, an active affiliate can earn several 1000 dollars easily!


Start promoting now and add a nice extra income stream to your portfolio.

Then go to the "Seller" tab to "Other" and "Affiliate" to grab your links, banners and other promo material.


My Favorite Strategy:

2. Browse a little and select a group of gigs that are well rated and cheap. (1$-2$).
3. Store the GIG Links in txt file.
4. Go to other GIG Sites like (GIGBucks + Fiverr + Fourer + Minimart)
5. Sell these 1$-2$ gigs for 5$ or higher there.

As Copy Pasting is not allowed so you will need to change them a little. Also use Gig Bulking technique like combining 2 gigs 1$ gig and sell them.

Ex. If you find two 1$ gigs at SEOCLERK. One is one 100 FB Likes and Other is 100 Followers and you combine them and sell 100 FB Likes + Followers for 5$ or 10$ without doing any work.

Keep The delivery time in mind and go for 2 days extra so there is no risk.

What you are watching??? Go Now and Hunt for some fast $$$! Its Better Than PTC's!



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