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How is this program different from the rest?

The Passive-Earner provides a unique opportunity for it’s members to build personal “portfolio” with the programs of own’s choice and share with the rest of the world! Members will receive a custom sub-domain, according to the username.

Data for tracking the success of the program is also driven by members. Investments and cashouts are posted by members, and that data is made available to all Novice, Advanced and Expert members. When members post their investments and cashouts, a forum post is made automatically on their behalf complete with screenshot of a payment proof if desired.

Members have the option of remaining anonymous, but it is required for members who want to take advantage of all that Passive-Earner has to offer to post their investments and cashouts from portfolio programs.

Promote your links using our unique Portfolio and Investment Monitor Format!


who is the owner? has been developed by Brian Basser. Brian has over 25 years of programming experience and recently had a gig working for, which exposed him to the world of making money online. is owned and operated by Landwhale Enterprises, Inc.


With You Get:

Your own “branded” subdomain of passive-earner dot com. (i.e. )
A personalized “investment monitor” page for each program in your portfolio
Record and display your investments and cashouts
Provide your own rating and comments
Detailed traffic reports for your pages
A Chat box for each program
Connect with members and build a following
Follow successful members
Traffic Exchange that PAYS!



Earn 10% of all direct referral purchases
All members earn $.01 per Traffic Exchange page visit
7-Day FREE TRIAL 100 Text Ad & 25 TE credits

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Up to 15 portfolio listings
5 Levels of Referral Commission
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How do Shares work?

There are 1,000,000 (one million) common shares of authorized capital stock in Landwhale Enterprises, Inc. (henceforth, the company) with a par value of $0.0001 per share.
The total shares represent 100% of the equity of the company. 
Shares are owned until sold and will earn dividends as long as you own them. 
Dividends are paid from  the profits generated by projects run by the company. 
Each share is equal to 0.0001% of the company and will receive that percent of profits when dividends are paid.
            For example, if after expenses, the company earns profit of $5000, the dividend paid on each share will be
            5000 x .000001 = .005. If you own 1000 shares, then your total dividend will be
            1000 x .005 = 5.00.
Shares are offered for sale in blocks of 100 for $10 ($0.10 each). 

How is the money from Share sales spent?

Sales of shares are not revenue but equity. The sale of shares provides working capital for the company to use to develop revenue streams as well as marketing and advertising to help grow the business. 

The company has been valued at $100,000 and is offering 35% to members in order to raise $35,000 in capital. This money will be used to pay for new page designs, explainer videos, and major advertising campaigns. This capital will also ensure the continued operation of for quite some time.


Do I get any advertising credit?

Novice members-$5/month- receive 500 text ad impressions per month, 50 traffic exchange credits and an ability to list 2 programs in the personal portfolio.

Advanced members-$10/month- receive 1500 text ad impressions per month, 100 traffic exchange credits and an ability to list 5 programs in the personal portfolio.

Expert members -$20/month- receive 5000 text ad impressions per month, 200 traffic exchange credits and an ability to list 15 programs in the personal portfolio.

What a fantastic benefit to members who like to invest in online programs! is all about helping members maximize their online earning and limit their risk.

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