Clixblue Review | Complete guide + Method

Earn up to 0.02$ per your own click

Earn up to 0.01$ per your referral click

Min payout is 5$

Same Admin as Ultimateclixx and Adzbazar

1 year online

Payment options: Paypal and Payza


What is Clixblue? is an autonomous, rather a free advertising service
for a thousands prospect customers, to have an easy way to
advertise and earn money hustle free.
There are a lot of advertised websites, and every registered member
can earn money and get paid by viewing these advertisements.

How can earn money with Clixblue?

You can start in this two easy steps. First, signup a for free account. Second, login to your account and go to "EARN MONEY".

Here you will find different many ways to earn money in

  • Click advertisement: For every advertisement in the paid to click section, you earn some money, depending on the advertisement value.
  • Paid to sign up job: Here you can do small tasks, if you do it right, the advertiser will pay you a certain amount for the task. The payment for the task is visable with the job.
  • Bluegrid: Every day you can play Bluegrid, you have a certain amount of chances (depending on your membership) to win a money-prize between $0.01 and $2.00.
  • Offerwalls: By doing task from the offerwalls provided, you can earn some extra money, this can be watching video's, signing up for something, doing polls, etc.
  • With commissions from your referrals: Depending on your membership, you earn a commission from your referrals clicks or your direct referrals upgrades and advertisements.


You can use the same method as I said in other Legit Ptc sites. 

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