Adpageviews Review | Complete guide + Payment proof + Method

Get Paid to View Ad Pages

Earn up to $0.01 per your own click

Earn up to $0.01 per your referral click

Min Payout is 2$

Payment options: Pyapal , Payza and Solidtrustpay


What is Adpageviews?

AdPageViews is a PTC (Paid-To-Click) program has been active for more than 6+ months (as of Jan ’15) and I am very confident that this program is going to be HUGE in 2015 and beyond! It is a completely passive program; you are not required to promote it to earn anything but should you decide to do it, you earn extra with every click your referrals’ make so there’s no loss in it.
I’ll explain how the program works, mention all the relevant details and also provide you with my strategy guide (for both free and paid users) which will help you earn the most amount of profits.
To explain how it works won’t take too long because the concept is similar to most PTCs – you click ads and you get paid for it. You can also either promote and get direct referrals OR rent referrals and then you get paid for the ads they click. Easy right? But the admin has put in a little twist to it. Taken from the FAQ of the site:

 Rental referrals pool all clicks from unreferred members, and provide earnings from these member clicks with each rental. This way, you’ll never have to worry about renting a dead referral. You’ll also never have to pay for recycling referrals.

It is sort of like NeoBux but WITHOUT the tiring micro-managing of each and every referral and that is what I like about the program the most. Most of us turn to online programs hoping for some supplement income without the need for spending hours of devising strategies and sitting there making dozens of calculations about BEP this and average that. I know I don’t!
There is no such need with APV. All you need to do is login once every 24 hours, click the mandatory 4 orange ads ($0.001 each – 5 seconds per ad) to become eligible to receive earnings from your referrals.

Program Details:

There are a total of 6 types of ads
  • AdPages ($0.025)
  • Extended ($0.15)
  • Standard ($0.01)
  • Mini ($0.005)
  • Micro ($0.001)
  • Fixed ($0.001)
On most days, I receive 4 fixed ads, ~1-2 mini ads, ~3 standard ads and ~2 AdPages though keep in mind, these are NOT accurate representations of what you are going to get. It is simply what my account gets. Your mileage may vary. But on good days, I have received upto 6 AdPages, i.e. $0.15 and for a PTC site, that is a big amount!
There are three tiers of memberships; each subsequent level increasing the limit of direct/rented referrals among other things –

  1. Standard Member (Free) – 100 DRs & 200 RRs
  2. Golden Member (Paid Upgrade) – 200 DRs & 2000 RRs
  3. Ultimate Member (Paid Upgrade) – Unlimited DRs & 4000 RRs

You must have been a member for at least 15 days and must have clicked at least 50 ads yourself to become eligible to upgrade your membership. This also applies to promoting your referral link.

Renting Referrals:

Rented referrals will the main source of income from this program – renting is as easy as choosing a pack and paying for it. Payment can be made either through your account balance (ad earnings & referral commissions – no fees) or through the payment processors (STP, PayPal and Payza – fees depends on processor). Cost of renting referrals depends on the amount of referrals you have – it increases with more referrals you have. You can only rent referrals ONCE a week.
The default length of a rental pack that you purchase is 30 days; if you don’t have AutoPay switched on or if you don’t extend the pack manually, it is going to expire.
Here’s a visual representation of the numbers –

What is AutoPay?

It is simple – if you have it enabled in your account settings, the above mentioned price (dependent on the amount of referrals you currently have) will be deducted from your rented referrals earnings for that day and that will in turn extend all your RR packs for one more day. AutoPay is not an individual feature; you cannot switch on or off for each RR pack. It is either OFF or it is either ON for ALL the packs.

EXAMPLE – You purchase an ad pack of 3 RRs on 1 January 2015 and one pack of 5 RRs on 5th January 2015 – if you don’t have AutoPay on, both will expire on 1st February 2015 & 5th February 2015 respectively. Now, say you decide to turn AutoPay on on 10th January – so from 2nd to 9th, you will receive around $0.08 per day (no AutoPay fees deducted) but from 10th, a total of $0.0057 x 8 = $0.0456 will be deducted from $0.08 leaving you with only $0.0344. But what it also gave you is 1 additional day to both your RR packs.
So now your first pack will expire on 2nd February instead of 1st and your 2nd pack will expire on 6th February instead of 5th.

So the question begs, when to switch it on? Simply on the 29th day of the first RR pack that you rented.

As a standard and golden member, the maximum amount of a rental referral package is 100 while it is 300 for an ultimate member.

Payment Processors:

  • SolidTrustPay
  • Payza
  • PayPal

Minimum Cashout:

The minimum is $2.00 for the first time you withdraw your balance from your account. Each request will increase in its minimum by $1.00 until it reaches a permanent $10.00 minimum.

Affiliate Commissions:

You get paid $0.005 from the ads your direct referral(s) clicks as a standard member and around $0.01 as a Golden/Ultimate member.

Recommended Strategy (Free Users):

1. Login daily and click ALL the ads that you get – don’t miss any! Ads range from $0.001 to $0.025

2. Click until you reach at least $0.60 in account balance – at which point, purchase a pack of 3 rented referrals ($0.2 x 3)

3. Keep clicking all the ads and accumulating $0.6 OR $1 in balance and then purchase another pack of RRs (as mentioned above, you can purchase only once every week so if your daily earnings are high enough, try and purchase packs of higher amounts instead of lower) – Why? Well, should you decide to manually extend them one day and all you have purchased are packs of 3, then extending 10 x 10 packs is much easier than 3 x 30 packs! Just to save you some time in the future :)

4. Rinse and repeat until you have at least 200RRs.

5. Remember to switch AutoPay on the 29th day of your 30 day period of your first RR pack.

At this point, you have reached the limit of the maximum number of RRs you can have as a standard member so now either you can simply let everything stay its course and just keep withdrawing your daily profits OR you can upgrade to Golden membership and increase your RRs to an even greater amount and in turn, increasing your daily profits even more! The limit is endless, it all depends on how much work you are willing to put in.
*Read about AutoPay above.

Recommended Strategy (Paid Users):

As a paid user, you have much more control over how much you can earn. Decide the daily amount of profit that you would like to earn, rent that many amount of referrals and switch AutoPay on. Then just click the minimum 4 orange ads at least everyday to get your referrals earnings. Simple!
The amount that you do earn everyday this way will be pure profit; keep compounding and increasing your RRs until you reach a daily amount that you feel is sufficient enough and then just start withdrawing the fruits of your patience and hardwork! If you have the funds though, I’d suggest you to manually extend your packs for 240 days as it provides a higher discount compared to AutoPay as a result of which the end profit is more in the long-term.

EXAMPLE – Say you upgrade to Golden membership ($79.95) and purchase the maximum allowed 2000 referrals for around $400 (Total of around $480). You will be earning ~$20+ everyday (without AutoPay on) — you will recover your full investment within the first month itself.
Then comes the time of expiry of your ad packages after 30 days – Simply turn AutoPay on. If you do, then a total of $0.0077 x 2000 ($15.4) will be deducted from your RR earnings itself – $20 (RR earnings) – $15.4 (AutoPay fees) which leaves you with

$4.6 of pure profit daily and $138 per month!


With this I conclude my review and strategy guide of AdPageViews. In my personal opinion, this is going to be one of the best online programs of 2015 and I hope with all the tips and explanations above, you will understand how it works and get in to make some profits yourself.

If you still have any questions before you join, feel free to comment below. Wishing you good luck!

Check my payment proof:


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Thanks to: Sekarcapl and other friends


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